06 November 2009

The Tools of Tag

Just came across a post on Drawn!, which is my go to for the latest and greatest innovative illustrators and creative projects. Although there are tons of videos of live animation and light projected artwork in the past, the Tagtool Project makes life easier for those that would like to partake in the Godzilla-sized fun. See clips from various countries, learn about the art and get tips on how to create your own Tagtooling hardware here!

01 November 2009

Please don't litter

Because even the smallest piece of trash could change our ecosystem. Today, my dad sent me a few links of photographer, Chris Jordan's work. Jordan has been documenting the world and it's irresponsible and over-indulging aftermath in traveling exhibitions depicting global mass consumption and pollution. In the past decade, Jordan has captured the destruction of Hurricane Katrina and chronicled the outcome of many albatross chicks throughout Midway Atoll. Maybe we will think twice about what we eat and where we leave our garbage if we catch a closer glimpse at the damage that our cultures are capable of creating.

An unaltered image of a baby albatross on Midway Atoll. Photograph by Chris Jordan.