10 February 2009


Almost everybody that I know and almost every person that I speak to understands my grand dislike of the advertising world. I have threatened to retire from the business multiple times and am still working my way to a different career. There are wonderful people and clients that you meet along the way and every now and then a good cause or a new hope can be born within an ad. On the other hand, the world of graphic design, web design and communications is also a "dirty business". But then again, what job isn't?

Today, there was a company meeting held at my office in behind Ward. Our tiny building nestled on a rugged backroad houses many talents and welcomes others to use our studio. Beginning on the 31st of January, the 2-person creative design studio on the second floor and the first floor production company merged to become one slightly larger and integrated branding and production company. Although we have not combined forces to cause a riot, will not be "going after" certain accounts and do not classify ourselves as a communications firm, the surrounding advertising agencies have been left in a pile of unrest.

On an island where every friend is usually family, it is disappointing to witness the slander at a time when we should all be able to roam free on the playground.

Illustration for Professor Mary Fredlund, Elements of Visual Thinking 2002

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