24 February 2009

Personal Day, Please

When the conditions are right, so many things can change and happen within a few hours. Where would we be if he'd left for work a little earlier... what would it be like living in the other house... how anxious would I be working in a different field? This weekend, I came home to a kitten that began limping around just like her father once she saw his bandaged arm. His left paw hurt, therefore hers did as well. Witnessing the affinity between a human and their pet is an amazing thing and seeing this helped me realize how much we affect those around us—whether it be flora, fauna or man. To better serve my people and those dependent on me, I would like to request one day off so that I may recharge my batteries and find the sunshine once again. I know it's not too far...

Our Pirate Ship on Mohala Way

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