17 February 2009

Tiny Bubbles

On Saturday, we brought home a 3 month old speck of kitten. We wondered whether we should call her Minou (the Second), Baby and a million other options, but decided to go with a Hawaiian name as she was born, raised, found and refound on the land. Kitten is all white with big blobs of grey all over and one perfect dot between her shoulder blades. She responds to the letter 'K'. After much debate, the name that fit her best was Kīkīkikiki, or Kīkī for short. Kīkī meaning bubbling, like Waikīkī and kikiki for tiny. Itʻs been an interesting weekend teaching this little one the rules of the house and the showing her the nooks of the Manoa.

Kīkī getting used to shutter sounds

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