10 March 2009

Local International Post Production

Yesterday, I had the honor of joining some of Hawai‘i's finest and most experienced key grips, sound technicians and producers in a daylong photo and video shoot for a German TV show. The locals, otherwise nicknamed the "A-Team", were some of the most efficient and productive people that I have met recently. Los Angeles' Jerry Avenaim, who has shot faces like Halle Berry, Tom Greene, Eva Mendez and Donald Trump, was also on the set and kept the show running with his world-class directing. It was so refreshing getting out of the office and behind the scenes to be the visual artist on a set. Although I would love to do something like this full time, I doubt I have the stamina to work nonstop with a production crew!

"Magic Yumi" waiting for the tethered shots in post production's Village Blackout tent

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