05 October 2009

I saw the future and the future saw me

When you wake up from a dream where you are putting semi-futuristic groceries into a slightly more advanced refrigerator than your own, it's hard to refrain from questioning the dreamworld and reality. If my thoughts and nightwalks are all a collaboration of what I have seen and learned throughout my entire life, including conscious and subconscious thoughts, where do the sideways dreams come from? What sort of "release" is it when you awaken less rested than the previous night?

On the plus side, I also remember an interesting new form of brown paper grocery bag that was covered in dark purple velour text. There were various perforations to either save some of the print as a poster, or use the other sides as coupons. I'm not quite sure why this method was better than what we use today. Let's hope our attempts at recycling follow through in the future.

One night @ Spada. Is this what we we'll see from the past?

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