09 June 2009

To choose or not to do?

When life throws you an opportunity that changes everything, do you always have to think twice before taking it? At what point can we decide to live for ourselves versus following the will of our parents and families? They will always be protective and afraid and alone without you, because that is their job and their love. We are lucky to have them as the angels on our shoulders and to have their opinions at hand, but to become individuals and to grow into our own paths. We must change the past and pick a different future-- one that might seem less safe and more uncomfortable than the ones that our ancestors and relatives have had, but also, one that will define the new generation. As long as we keep their love, knowledge and experience at heart, we can let loose and roam free to create a better day.

Miss Yumi

Good luck with your decision, Karen! No matter what you choose, we're here for you!

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