26 February 2009

Tap Project Hawaii 2009

I'm currently working on UNICEF's Tap Project for the state of Hawaii with 1013. I wanted to give everyone a heads up about the goings-on in various restaurants and boutiques from March 22nd to March 28th. During World Water Week, restaurants all over the world will be asking for a $1 donation for every glass of water to help save children in need.

For more information, about the event in other cities, please check UNICEF's Tap Project website at www.tapproject.org. We will be updating the Tap Project Hawaii site with more information shortly. Stay tuned!

Illustration for Tap Project Hawaii 2009

25 February 2009

Scam This!

The latest and greatest scam involves out of state or international con artists copying rental posts on Craigslist and reposting them at lower prices and with their own contact information. Be aware of who you are contacting when responding to an ad. If they do not offer a phone number, if they are not available to show you the housing in person or if there are unsuspecting people living at the "for rent" spaces, the posters may not be the true landlords or realtors. Many homes on Craigslist are currently being reposted as "available" months after they have been occupied by new tenants. Please contact the authorities with any pertinent information and flag the posting if you suspect a scam.

Miss Yumi

24 February 2009

This is why Yumi does Graphic Design.

Personal Day, Please

When the conditions are right, so many things can change and happen within a few hours. Where would we be if he'd left for work a little earlier... what would it be like living in the other house... how anxious would I be working in a different field? This weekend, I came home to a kitten that began limping around just like her father once she saw his bandaged arm. His left paw hurt, therefore hers did as well. Witnessing the affinity between a human and their pet is an amazing thing and seeing this helped me realize how much we affect those around us—whether it be flora, fauna or man. To better serve my people and those dependent on me, I would like to request one day off so that I may recharge my batteries and find the sunshine once again. I know it's not too far...

Our Pirate Ship on Mohala Way

18 February 2009

Dragon Roll

Note to self: Only order black and silver dishes at Genki Sushi unless you need salmon nigiri fillers. Top picks are the Spider Roll, Dragon Roll, Rainbow Roll and Spicy Tempura Roll (x2). And if anyone, anyone knows why the logo has an angry face on it, please let me know. Mahalo!

Miss Yumi

17 February 2009

Tiny Bubbles

On Saturday, we brought home a 3 month old speck of kitten. We wondered whether we should call her Minou (the Second), Baby and a million other options, but decided to go with a Hawaiian name as she was born, raised, found and refound on the land. Kitten is all white with big blobs of grey all over and one perfect dot between her shoulder blades. She responds to the letter 'K'. After much debate, the name that fit her best was Kīkīkikiki, or Kīkī for short. Kīkī meaning bubbling, like Waikīkī and kikiki for tiny. Itʻs been an interesting weekend teaching this little one the rules of the house and the showing her the nooks of the Manoa.

Kīkī getting used to shutter sounds

13 February 2009

Cranberry Artificial Tears

This was written on a report about me in 2007 from Johns Hopkins. Cranberry artificial tears. They must have forgotten the comma amidst the hustle and bustle of printing out recommended medications. A lot of things are on the table today: a registered letter in transit addressed to my past, a box of cards in the mail headed towards the future and the coming introduction of a new baby into the household. They say animals have a way of healing the human soul and I cannot wait to make a new best friend.

In loving memory of Minou, kitten extraordinaire, New York 2006

11 February 2009


At this point in the day, I would like to give a friendly reminder to those around me. I am so grateful for my friends, family and lovers. You pull me up and poke me into place, you give me millions of reasons to be happy and you always find the best way to make a sad Yumi smile. Today I was reminded of how quickly other people come into play when even the smallest cry for help is heard.

I will always try to be there for you guys when the time comes.

Miss Yumi

"Health is the first of all liberties"—Henri Amiel
Illustration for Bitten by a Wolf, Cicada March/April 2006

10 February 2009


Almost everybody that I know and almost every person that I speak to understands my grand dislike of the advertising world. I have threatened to retire from the business multiple times and am still working my way to a different career. There are wonderful people and clients that you meet along the way and every now and then a good cause or a new hope can be born within an ad. On the other hand, the world of graphic design, web design and communications is also a "dirty business". But then again, what job isn't?

Today, there was a company meeting held at my office in behind Ward. Our tiny building nestled on a rugged backroad houses many talents and welcomes others to use our studio. Beginning on the 31st of January, the 2-person creative design studio on the second floor and the first floor production company merged to become one slightly larger and integrated branding and production company. Although we have not combined forces to cause a riot, will not be "going after" certain accounts and do not classify ourselves as a communications firm, the surrounding advertising agencies have been left in a pile of unrest.

On an island where every friend is usually family, it is disappointing to witness the slander at a time when we should all be able to roam free on the playground.

Illustration for Professor Mary Fredlund, Elements of Visual Thinking 2002

09 February 2009

Masters of Photography

A good deal of last night was spent discussing the idea of what a Master Photographer could and should be. According to the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, a "master" can be anyone from a religious leader to a significant figure of the past, but is often known as an individual of consummate skill who is qualified to teach. Can one honestly be a self-proclaimed master? How many years of knowledge and experience entitle someone to advertise the title, let alone the image of maturity?

Despite the doubt and confusion, I believe many Masters live among us. The ones that understand that the last stroke of paint and the final edit still do not make them the best. The people that continue progressing after they have proved a point to their professors and clients. The proof is sometimes in the work, but mainly in the passion. Here is a list of a few of the humble Masters that I have come across along the way.

06 February 2009

In the Morning,

Manoa can be brisk. I woke up to a good chill and a quietly creaking house. Although a cold shower and low water pressure is usually only accepted in parts of Europe and third world countries, it felt right this morning. Sometimes it takes a little discomfort to realize how comfortable your surroundings are.

03 February 2009

Welcome to the Life!

For years, I have disappeared and hibernated from so many different places and people. With the new year popping around the corner, I figured it was time to reconnect with the world by publishing myself. By doing this, I will be able to take a good hard look at my own thoughts and words and reconfigure my future.

If I haven't already told you, or if you haven't been around enough to hear it again, I'd love to repeat my many thanks and much gratitude to all of my friends and family for putting up with me in the past few years.

Keep an eye on this blog and you might learn something new or you might in turn remember something old to teach me.

Much love and hugs,
Miss Yumi

Photo by Jen Challappa