28 May 2009


Hello my pickles and friends.

It has been a while and many bloggable events have come and
gone. Sometimes I miss out on them and sometimes it's just better to let them rest in our memories. Whatever the case, sorry for the absence and delay.

At the moment, the house is clean, the kitten is clean and the island looks like it may cleanse itself after a few muggy days of vog. Spring cleaning is over and summer may begin.

Interestingly, as much as I have mocked the idea of master photographers and the like, I was recently given the opportunity to switch from one career to the other while staying diligently in the arts. I, Yumi Virginia Vong, am now an apprentice master wedding photographer. A few months ago, I claimed the email address of masterphotographer@me.com through Apple's MobileMe accounts and sure enough, it predicted my future.

Step 1 complete. Time to initiate Step 2: complete training in a different field, learn more about people and how they respond to life and apply to Step 3.

I've got the bike. Now, ride!

01 May 2009


Sorry for the hiatus. Be back shortly.
In the meantime, please enjoy this ad: