24 June 2009

Reading List [001]

Recently finished Wicked: the Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West by Gregory Maguire, which was an interesting depiction of the social and political world surrounding L. Frank Baum's Wizard of Oz. The different twists and perspective on the classic introduced a realistic tone to the charming tale. I found a few quotes that seemed important and somewhat relevant to the not-so-ever-after world that we live in.

"She was smart. But there was more than one way to be smart." —Elphaba

"She continually wanted to strangle Liir, as a means of saving him from smooth-talking father figures." —Narrator

"It was his duty to have opinions on things we shouldn't need to know about." —Five

19 June 2009

The Button Mashers Benefit Art Show

RT from Mr. J Domingo: Project 365: The Button Mashers

atypicalLIVING and Grace Bible Church Pearlside Youth Ministries, in association with OlaNui!, present The Button Mashers, a benefit art show for Grace Bible’s Youth Camp this Summer.

This event will feature multimedia art displays, live music, a live art mural painting featuring Shaun Castro, Janel Natividad, Philippe Anthony Quinal & RZone, a BBoy Battle, a Street Fighter IV Tournament, and interactive, hands-on video game displays.

This all goes down Saturday, June 27th, at OlaNui! Christian Fellowship, 760 Halekauwila Street, next to Logos Bookstore & near Ward Center.

All proceeds to benefit Grace Bible’s Summer Youth Camp.

Big UPS to Grace Bible Church, OlaNui!, Redefine, lightsleepers, prolifik, Prototype, First Lady The Movement, Liberty Peralta, Yumi Vong & Mike Ulep.

Get Ready… awesome is imminent.

13 June 2009

"Something new..."

Since I have begun working with a photographer, I have had to branch out to a few different aspects of society that I had never expected to deal with. One aspect is the wedding industry with all of its glitter and flutter. For the past few weeks, my downtime has consisted of researching the extravagant field by watching TV shows from, "Who's Wedding Is It Anyways?" to "Say Yes to the Dress" while reading up on the latest trends in magazines. Although I am not planning anything in the near future, I thought I could share some of the cute ideas and vendors with my lady friends who are in the market for the "perfect day"!

annenamba.com – created with the best kimono material
priscillaofboston.com – magic that could be within your price range
lynnlugo.com – design your own bridesmaids dresses

saragabriel.com – beautiful hair accessories
mariaelenaheadpieces.com – princess headpieces

zazzle.com – customize your stamps

A sample veil from Sara Gabriel's Headpiece Collection

09 June 2009

To choose or not to do?

When life throws you an opportunity that changes everything, do you always have to think twice before taking it? At what point can we decide to live for ourselves versus following the will of our parents and families? They will always be protective and afraid and alone without you, because that is their job and their love. We are lucky to have them as the angels on our shoulders and to have their opinions at hand, but to become individuals and to grow into our own paths. We must change the past and pick a different future-- one that might seem less safe and more uncomfortable than the ones that our ancestors and relatives have had, but also, one that will define the new generation. As long as we keep their love, knowledge and experience at heart, we can let loose and roam free to create a better day.

Miss Yumi

Good luck with your decision, Karen! No matter what you choose, we're here for you!