24 March 2009

A is for Awesome!

For all of my friends and coworkers, here is a little reminder of how great you are! See more of Paul Thurlby's Alphabet here!

The beginning of Thurlby's growing collection of illustrations

19 March 2009

Miss Yumi's Wishlist as of Spring 2009

In this economy, one should be grateful enough if they still have a job. But in times like these, when there are less people working and more work to be done, it is always nice to have little goals in mind. Here are some of the things that I would reward myself with–some are a slight necessity for work and transportation, but all are overpriced :)

1. G-Drive Mini: Because every designer, digital musician or videographer needs more storage space. These are great because they have both Firewire ports, so they will be compatible with new and old MacBook Pro's. It matches, too!

2. American Apparel's Le Sac dress: Yes. In navy, sea foam green, red and slate please. I doubt that I will be able to tie it on right, but I'm willing to give it a shot. I guess I would also need the assortment of strings, too.

3. Porcelain Jewelry from Chinny Chin Chin: Because every girl needs a piece of antique jewelry, even if it's a replica of the past. I can't decide between the plain white or the painted porcelain.

4. Oliver Peoples "Zooey" Glasses: Glamourous, luxury items aren't usually on my lists of potential suspects, but I do love Zooey Deschanel, these vintage glasses and the fact that a portion of the proceeds go to The Jenesse Center for domestic violence prevention. Comes with super cute cocktail napkin style cleaning cloth and case!

5. Specialized's Langster Seattle Bike: But I recently came across SE's 700c Draft Lite, which may be my ideal combination of price, single speed and look. The Langster has a coffee cup holder and is green, and we all know how much I like green. Now that I've opened up the bucket of wanted bikes, I might as well throw out Kona's Sutra so that I can bike around the world one day.

That just about wraps up my wants and needs in one post for now. Check back for more random delights!

The Zooey Glasses come in 5 color combos!

17 March 2009

In Search of...

We are currently looking for the perfect roommate. Perfect, as in acceptable. Someone that we can have a good conversation with who won't argue about the viability of Wikipedia. A responsible person that we can trust. It's so easy to forget that everyone has to give up their a bit of their OCD mindsets and change some of their habits to coexist. When there's an ideal batch of people, anything goes and everyone is happy. Lately, it has been more and more difficult to stay objective when there are so many confrontations and deceptions to be found in between the walls. If anyone is interested in a room in Manoa or knows of someone that is looking for a place, let me know!

Miss Yumi

10 March 2009

Local International Post Production

Yesterday, I had the honor of joining some of Hawai‘i's finest and most experienced key grips, sound technicians and producers in a daylong photo and video shoot for a German TV show. The locals, otherwise nicknamed the "A-Team", were some of the most efficient and productive people that I have met recently. Los Angeles' Jerry Avenaim, who has shot faces like Halle Berry, Tom Greene, Eva Mendez and Donald Trump, was also on the set and kept the show running with his world-class directing. It was so refreshing getting out of the office and behind the scenes to be the visual artist on a set. Although I would love to do something like this full time, I doubt I have the stamina to work nonstop with a production crew!

"Magic Yumi" waiting for the tethered shots in post production's Village Blackout tent

06 March 2009


One of a few different commercials that 1013 has done for the launch of UNICEF's Tap Project Hawaii. Give a child 40 days of drinking water
with just $1. Go to tapprojecthawaii.com to find out more!

04 March 2009

I love it.

After checking a few of my usual sites, I came across Shin Tanaka's paper toys on atypicalLIVING. I love the message behind these little projects and the fact that they're free! Knock yourself out: WEDONTNEEDFAKE.CO.CC

One of six new paper toys available in collaboration with Tanaka

02 March 2009


This weekend, I realized that when Yumi is stressed out about any situation, unlimited hot tub time or a sit in a sauna helps a million times. A little arts and crafts time every week also leaves me less time to be frustrated. I'm not quite sure if it's the distraction that helps or the satisfying feeling once you accomplish a task as tiny as sewing on a patch. Maybe I need to get out more. But knowing that others can get out and experience some of the world is almost equally exciting for me as being given the chance to go. I'd like to wish good luck and felicitations to my cousin, Karen for leaping on the opportunity to work in Beirut for three months! Stay safe, write down your stories and have a blast!

Pan-ironed letters and "caution yellow" embroidered as a safety reminder on Ben's pants