17 October 2009

The Magic Number is 350

October 24th, a day to unite and respond to a call to action. In 5 days, we will see 2009's International Day of Climate Action.

Log on to 350.org to find out more about global warming, the politics surrounding this touchy issue and what you can do to help. Anything you do will make a statement-- from uploading pictures incorporating the number 350 to donating money to registering for the cause. Together, we can catch the attention of the media as well as our nations' leaders. For the future of our planet! <-350!

07 October 2009


I really appreciate art when it has a important statement other than "I'm human," "I'm hurt" or "I'm unique." There is something about how selfish and loud people are that leaves me with less chances of empathy or compassion. Today, I came across an article on Treehugger that changed my mind. Brazilian artist, Nele Azevedo installed 1,000 miniature ice sculptures at a public square in Berlin with the help of the World Wildlife Fund. It's interesting that it took that much effort to remind people that we, too, are endangered species.

Read more about the New Arctic Warming Report here. Photo via Wend Blog

05 October 2009

I saw the future and the future saw me

When you wake up from a dream where you are putting semi-futuristic groceries into a slightly more advanced refrigerator than your own, it's hard to refrain from questioning the dreamworld and reality. If my thoughts and nightwalks are all a collaboration of what I have seen and learned throughout my entire life, including conscious and subconscious thoughts, where do the sideways dreams come from? What sort of "release" is it when you awaken less rested than the previous night?

On the plus side, I also remember an interesting new form of brown paper grocery bag that was covered in dark purple velour text. There were various perforations to either save some of the print as a poster, or use the other sides as coupons. I'm not quite sure why this method was better than what we use today. Let's hope our attempts at recycling follow through in the future.

One night @ Spada. Is this what we we'll see from the past?